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Barbering Curriculum Outline

Course Text Books

Milady's Standard Professional Barbering Course Management Guide
Mlady's Standard Professional Barbering Text
Milady's Standard Professional Barbering Student Workbook

*All chapters throughout the curriculum are delivered in the order of theory
lecture/instructor demonstration/student applications on mannequins followed by clinical applications.


Ch 1 Study Skills
Ch 2 The History of Barbering
Ch 3 Professional Image
Ch 4 Bacteriology
Ch 5 Infection Control and Safe Work Practices
Ch 6 Implements, Tools and Equipment
Ch 8 Chemistry
Ch 9 Electricity & Light Therapy
Ch 10 Properties and Disorders of the Skin
Ch 11 Properties and Disorders of the Hair and Scalp
Ch 12 Treatments of the Hair and Scalp
Ch 13 Men's Facial Massage and Treatments
Ch 14 Shaving and Facial Hair Design
Ch 15 Men's Hair Cutting and Styling
Ch 16 Men's Hairpieces
Ch 17 Women's Hair Cutting and Styling
Ch 21 Barbershop Management
Ch 22 The Job Search
Ch 23 State Board Preparation and Licensing Laws
Mock State Practiacla Exams
Review and Final Exams

**Students may be scheduled to attend already-taken theory classes to review and prepare for Final Course Exam.


Barbering Curriculum Schedule
The barbering curriculum is set up for 1500 hours of instruction. It takes place through a combination of theory classes, practical mannequin work, and actual hands on clientele practice.

Course Objective:
To develop in our students the highest possible degree of professional, social, and technical competence. Through our structured curriculum, the school supplies the principles and practices of barbering from basic techniques to more advanced, continually focusing on skills that will make the student more marketable upon graduation.

Instructional Methods:
The Barber Academy Barbering Program uses the Milady method of training, which enables the school to supply the students and instructors with extensive educational materials.

The barbering curriculum has 2 Phases of Training. Starting with Phase 1, students gain basic skills to more advanced skills as they proceed through the course. The course also includes preparation for salon/barber shop entry through a segment of salon/barber shop business, developing resumes and interviewing skills. Students are also trained and prepared in Mock State Board licensing applications and evaluations.

Instructors prepare and follow lesson plans and the curriculum is delivered with a combination of theory lectures and hands-on practice using mannequins & actual clientele. The educational system uses a highly visual step-by-step video, DVD and text support system that all correlate together. As lectures and demonstrations are given, students are able to follow along step-by-step with their textbooks.

The educational system also contains many assessment techniques which enable the educator and learner to assess progress before and after hands-on applications are applied. Textbooks are set up with many classroom activities that re-enforce the lessons being taught.

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